Selecting Your Holiday Tree

Whether you are selecting a farm-cut tree or a pre-cut tree you want to choose a tree that will last through the holidays. Here are some tips for choosing the right tree:

Let there be light!
Buying your tree off a lot? If you are shopping for one after work, make sure the lot is well lit.

The delivery date
Ask when the tree was delivered to the lot. Where the tree was delivered from will tell a lot about the freshness. A locally grown tree is going to be fresher than a tree hauled from a distant tree farm.

Make sure the needles are resilient.
Using your thumb and forefinger, take hold of a branch approximately 6-inches from the tip. Pull your fingers toward you so the branch slips through your fingers. The needles should slide between your fingers and not fall from the branch. The needles should be flexible and not brittle.

Are the needles firmly attached to the tree?
Bump the base of the tree lightly against the ground. There should be a very small amount of fall-off from a fresh tree.

Give it the color and fragrance test.
The tree should have a fresh fragrance and look attractive. A fresh, moist tree retains water, which means the tree has good moisture content. Moisture content helps a tree retain good color and fragrance. Avoid tree with a musty odor of discolored foliage.

Strong limbs.
Make sure the limbs are strong enough to hold your ornaments and lights.

If the tree you like meets the above criteria, you have found a tree that should remain beautiful and fresh throughout the holiday.

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