Make a Statement With Arches

Architectural details—wainscoting, moldings, ceiling treatments, cornices, and more—add instant flair and allow you to incorporate your personal style into your living space. One of my favorite architectural details? Arches. Simple or ornate, these curvy accents add visual interest and definition to entryways, windows, mantels, and more.

There are six basic arch styles used in home design— Flat, Gothic, Moorish, Roman, Segmental, and Tudor. Archway They range from ever-so-slight curves to perfect horseshoe shapes, and they each speak to a different interior decorating style. Tudor arches convey old-fashioned elegance, for instance, while Roman arches are prominent in Spanish Colonial architecture. Learn more about each type of arch and see what they look like in this Realtor Magazine article.

Even at their most subtle, arches are graceful additions to any home. See for yourself by checking out the simple arches framing this fireplace and this window seat. Lovely, no?

But arches can also make a bold statement, too—especially if they’re custom-designed. You’ll find a slew of attention-grabbing arches in this blog post.

Want to add an architectural arch to your home? Learn about the benefits of building custom arches here. And if you want to make a DIY project out of it, consider Easy-Arch, a pre-formed metal framing arch that snaps onto your existing wood framing.

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